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Work experience at Tata Consultancy Services

“The opportunity for work experience ay Tata Consultancy Services, one of the biggest IT companies in the world was a really valuable and interesting experience. I learnt a number of different things and encountered new things as well . One of the major new things that I learnt was the knowledge of what working in an office environment is like and what different jobs in IT are and what specifically they do . I have gained a larger insight into work at an office and it has widened my options for my career in the future. The shadowing of the employees was quite useful as we were able to learn more and more about that specific job and more about the people who work there. That experience was quite enjoyable as we were able to learn about their jobs in specific and also get to do a couple of activities regarding TCS and IT in general. Overall, Mission You was a success for me and it will definitely a valuable experience given to me by WOHAA which, I am sure will help me in the future.”


WOHAA winner – Vikrant Rasalingam




“My name is Sujen Ravindra and I went to the TCS Work Experience program.
The program was called Mission You and began with an introduction to the company on Monday.  On Monday, I learnt a lot about the company itself and what goes on in each of the sectors within it.On Wednesday, I went to the finance department (we were allowed to choose two to go) to shadow the department and find out what goes on. I went in a group of 7 people to talk to the senior manager of finance. I learnt about what happens in finance and what a normal day involves. The shadowing of the department was very helpful as gave me great insight into the department and what goes on there. The main highlight of the program was when we had to create ideas to meet the brief as it was the most creative part. I really enjoyed the experience overall and I would gladly take part in it again, as it was very valuable.”


WOHAA winner – Sujen Ravindra




“On Monday 27th July 2015, we took part in the TCS work placement scheme at the Tata Consultancy Services in central London. Every single day was fun-filled with many useful things to be learning about as well as working on the assignment..Whilst working on this assignment we all got the chance to go and visit one of the sectors of TCS and I chose to go to Finance. On Wednesday upon my visit to the finance department I had learnt so important things about the finance industry as well as it giving me a great insight about what to do in the future and what the job would be like. Along the course of the week I met so many new people who were also taking part’ and I had great fun spending time with new people and working with them lisinopril medication. I’m glad to say that I’ve had a great adventurous week and it has been an amazing opportunity to look at different career paths and see work in action. I’ve had the best time working at TCS and meeting new people and making friends – I’m thankful for the wings of hope for giving me this chance and also TCS for having us there as it truly was an amazing week.)”


WOHAA winner – Janika Patel



“In the work experience, I learnt a lot about the business world and how a program is developed from a simple idea, to a fully functional software, that is used in day-to-day life. On the first, day it was slightly awkward, meeting with people that I had never seen before. However, this was soon eradicated, as I got to know others, through working together for a project.  In addition to this, I were able to talk with people from the Information Technology industry, from Tata Consultancies Services, to be precise and learn about how a typical day for them would look like. I was also able to determine the ways in which I could become a potential candidate for an International Technology company. I also learnt the diversity of the industry, with around fifty people with the same job, ten types of jobs for each sector and around five sectors for a branch of the company. This makes a total of two thousand five hundred people working under the same branch of a company, making an opening for various types of jobs in the Information Technology industry. In terms of skills, I have developed my communication skills, my time-management skills and organisation skills. These were clearly shown through my need to keep a record of how much I did each day and time myself accordingly, so that I would finish in the week provided. I was also required to talk to people, so that they understood what they had to do. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and appreciate being given this opportunity. Thank you WOHAA.”


WOHAA Winner – Shiva Pingle


“The work experience that I participated in was a very rewarding experience. I made several new friends and have learnt a great deal about working in an IT consulting firm. I really enjoyed  working in a group to come up with a solution to a task that we had been given. I also greatly enjoyed the shadowing of different departments and would love to have the opportunity to do it again. Our liaison Sofia, was really helpful and a great source of guidance during the week. “



WOHAA winner – Jessica Abbott