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To participate in this years WOHAA:
  • Choose one member of your Team to fill out the form first, giving your Team a name.
  • This member will be asked to give email addresses of other team members (correct addresses please!)
  • Each of these other team members will individually be sent an email, to sign up.
  • Each team member will be sent a payment link to pay £10.00 to Wings of Hope, using PayPal.
  • If you choose not to use PayPal, then pay by bank transfer directly from you or your parents account into that of Wings of Hope. Bank account details : Sort code : 30-99-32 , Account No. 00917907
Thank you !


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Any personal information you do give us is used exclusively for providing you with the information requested and is not passed to any other person or organisation except with your express consent. Don't forget to download your new Student Welcome Pack   and   fundraising pack from the resources centre!

Thank you for joining WOHAA!