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For Companies

Could you help by providing work experience placements, skills workshops and/or by sponsoring an award? Contact us if you are interested!

Wohaa For Companies

WOHAA, Wings of Hope Achievement Award, is a social enterprise scheme offered to school students. Students plan and manage their own fantastically creative and innovative fundraising events, competing for the chance to gain work placements and attend industry skills workshops with our partners.
Already, some of the largest UK employers have partnered with WOHAA. Why don’t you?

Supporting us offers a multitude of benefits and is an excellent platform to demonstrate your company’s commitment to its CSR policy.

Sponsor an Award

Wohaa There are 6 awards open to corporate sponsorship. Would you be interested in sponsoring one of these awards?

  • Most Innovative Fundraisers
    Awarded to the students judged to be most innovative in their fundraising. Are you a modern, ground-breaking and pioneering company?
  • Most Awareness Raised
    Awarded to the students judged to have raised the most awareness about the Wings of Hope. Are you a leading marketing or PR company?
  • Most Funds Raised
    Awarded to the students who have raised the most funds. Do you have an exceptionally strong professional sales team?
  • Best Presentation
    Awarded to the student/s who deliver the best production of their project/s. Are you involved in the creative/marketing industry?
  • SPEAK Out
    Awarded to the students that best develops a positive social action plan. Are you a predominantly social or community based enterprise?
  • Best Individual
    Awarded to a single student who demonstrates a high level of competence across all 5 other award categories. Are you interested in an individual who displays all-round competency and leadership?

Any award sponsored by a company/individual can be named after that company/individual for the period of time in which they sponsor the award – giving you open association with our charity!