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WOHAA 2013 Winners’ Trip to India in Photos


Chanie on the trip:

India was crazy. The buzz in the streets was immense. From cows to rickshaws, it was a MASSIVE culture shock for all of us. We took a total of four planes and lots of car journeys but we were never bored because there was just so much to see! My favourite part of the trip was teaching at the Indian school in Chennai. It was so nice to teach such motivated, enthusiastic and eager children. I would love to just do the entire trip all over again.

Anna on the trip:

India was a fantastic experience – one which I will never forget. The whole atmosphere was so different, from the people in their native dress to the stray animals in the roads. The teaching introduced new skills to me and interacting with the children taught me so much. Visiting the Cipla pharmaceutical factory was a once in a lifetime opportunity where we followed the process of making a tablet from start to finish. I had lots of fun, too, especially visiting the beach at night, and trying coconut water!

I recommend WOHAA to all students because a trip to India is the biggest motivation. Even if you don’t win, you still have a sense of achievement and continue life with the knowledge that you have made a difference.