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Wings of Hope Achievement Award winners work experience week at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.




Comments from the Winners.
“My week at Tata Consultancy Services was extremely informative and served as
an invaluable reminder of the importance of team cohesion and the place of
Information Consultancy in the future. The days were scheduled to
perfection, with enough time left to the individual groups to get to know
one another and to work on the ‘Group Research Project’, which was: ‘What
will TCS look like in 2040?’ – no easy forecast indeed! Nevertheless our
team – Tatasians, managed to perform a spectacular presentation which was
considered the best and each member won a prize. In terms of information
absorption, there were a plethora of presentations given by various members
of the TCS team, each with varying skills, positions and seniority which
gave us the full and complete spectrum of exposure we were looking for.
Perhaps what still shocks me is Tata’s phenomenal 88% employee retention
rate! However after giving the presentation, I strongly feel that the
experience of giving an earlier presentation at the House of Lords to the
distinguished Wings of Hope panel was extremely helpful in performing our
presentation with “flair and insight” at TCS. In fact 50% of our team were
former WOHAA participants/finalists/winners, a higher proportion compared to
any other team. For others aspiring to be on this program, I would recommend
a receptive eye and ear for details as well as a desire to expand one’s
professional network. ”





“Having been offered the opportunity to be given an insight into a large company such as Tata Consultancy Services through the Wings of Hope Charity, I thought it would be an excellent chance to experience work in the corporate world. Throughout the week, employees at TCS showed us various departments and allowed us to speak to different people about their daily job and their views on such a workplace. The ‘Mission You’ programme allowed us to meet new people of different backgrounds and work as a team to produce a presentation on our vision of what TCS would look like in the future, having learned more about the company in various sessions with different members of TCS.”


Pujan Vaghjiani