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Volunteer Opportunities

The Wings of Hope is currently looking for volunteers to help out at two key upcoming events. If you are interested in either or both of these opportunities, please send your CV to info@thewingsofhope.org specifying which events you are available for.


We are also looking for students and young people interested in volunteering as a WOHAA mentor on a more long-term basis. Please scroll down for more details.


BE A WOHAA MENTOR (September – March 2017) – One hour a fortnight working remotely

The Wings of Hope is looking for volunteers willing to give up a very small amount of their time each week to mentor student teams through the WOHAA fundraising programme.

Volunteers can do this mentoring via phone or email from the comfort of their own home.

As part of WOHAA, students in School Years 9-13 (ages 13-18) must fundraise in teams of 6 or less for the Wings of Hope Children’s Charity. Students we work with come from a variety of different schools, ranging from state comprehensive to independent schools.

Each team is assigned a WOHAA mentor to guide them through their WOHAA fundraising journey, which runs from September until March each academic year. These mentors will help the students to get started by giving them advice, tips and a clear team direction. They are in contact with the students most often via phone and email, and aim to check in with them at least once every 2 weeks or so to get an update on their progress.

Mentors are encouraged to use a mix of both phone and email to mentor the students. Each ‘mentoring conversation’ via phone may last as long as 45 minutes or only 10 minutes, depending on team need. The time commitment for volunteers is thus very small – a maximum of 1 hour every 2 weeks.

A full training will be provided for all volunteers, on either 29 August or 5 September 2016, in our offices in Neasden.