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Team Smile – Overall winners of Wings of Hope Achievement Awards (WOHAA) 2011/12

Team Smile – Overall winners of Wings of Hope Achievement Awards (WOHAA) 2011/12



The overall winners of WOHAA 2011-12 Team Smile have just returned from their all-expenses-paid trip to India!



Team Smile in India



Each year the Wings of Hope offer the overall winning WOHAA team a fantastic opportunity to travel to the project school in South India to see first hand the work that the charity is doing with the help of our very own British secondary school students.

Team Smile – a group of 5 boys from Merchant Taylors’ school in North London, organised several events oranised several events some of which included a Golf day out for serious corporate golfers, a Valentine’s dinner and dance of over 400 people and also the back breaking job of car washing all in order to make a difference to the students at our project school.


Around 400 underprivileged children attend the school supported by the Wings of Hope


The Wings of Hope supports a school in Chennai, India which aims to not only provide free education for less advantaged children but to provide high quality education. Each year students from all over the UK take part in WOHAA to raise money to help children in the developing world. The Wings of  Hope sponsor the education of poor and orphaned children in India and Malawi. The Wings of Hope believe in the power of a solid education to open opportunities and promote sustainable development. These projects are funded primarily with our social enterprise scheme for UK students. WOHAA is truly made for students by students.

Kunal with some of the students at the school in Chennai


Cultural Show performed by students at project school


The students at the Indian project school,were eagerly looking forward to being taught by these boys.The Queen’s Golden Jubilee and the London Olympics 2012 were amongst the hot favourites. Lessons in English,Maths,French and Spanish were also taught by the boys. What was facinating to watch, was the sheer enthusiam of these children to learn! One afternoon,the entire school was also served Icecream as a special treat.


Here is what Askshay has to say about his trip….

“I believe all students should take part in WOHAA not only do you develop personal skills and the process is great fun but also it is very satisfying to know that you are helping someone who is less fortunate than yourself in the UK and knowing that these children can be successful in life thanks to our help and support is truly indescribable. In all, I can truly say our experience in India was a lifetime experience and I strongly encourage other students in the UK to take part!

It is very satisfying to realize how we as students can actually make a huge change and difference to so many lives; we know we are giving them a bright future- hope. Wings of hope does not just provide education, it provides high quality education; when teaching in the school we realized thanks to WOHAA and the fundraisers in theUKthe school has been fortunate enough to be facilitated with a large IT suite and chemistry labs, it is very inspiring to see how all this hard work will truly change the lives of 400 children!”