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Snapshot Projects – Success Criteria

Before the end of March, you need to send to us your ‘Snapshot Project’ which will detail all the work you have done for WOHAA.

Your Snapshot Project can be presented in many forms – it might be a scrapbook, film, slideshow, video diary, song or rap.

As of 2016-17, the criteria for assessing our WOHAA snapshot projects has changed, and been upgraded to fit the 6 key WOHAA skills of Leadership, Project Management, Communication, Creativity, Social Responsibility and Self-Development. (To see more on the WOHAA skills, click here.)



To do your best in WOHAA, you will need to provide us with EVIDENCE in your snapshot project to prove to us everything that you have done. Below, you can find some ideas for what you can include as evidence in each category.











Category Sub-Category Ideas for Evidence


Leadership Did you delegate roles?

Who took ownership for what?

Problem-Solving What problems did you encounter? How did you overcome these?
Equal Contribution Did everybody contribute equally?
Team Work Did you work well as a team? Did you learn from each other?
Resilience Did you overcome conflicts as a team?

What obstacles did you overcome to be successful and how?

Did you show determination to succeed?

Project Management Planning & Organizing Did you meet regularly as a team?

Notes from team meetings

To do lists

Your initial brainstorm of ideas

Time Management Did you manage your time effectively?

Did you keep up with school commitments while doing WOHAA?

Did you submit your project on time? (31st March)

Did you have a timeline for any larger events?

Budgeting & Finance Management Budget sheets for events with breakdown of costs/profit

Where did you keep your money?

Did you set a fundraising target for your team?

Self-Evaluation Does your project show that you reflected on your fundraising? How did you then do it better?

Feedback from event attendees

Scale of Events planned & carried out Did your fundraising have a wide-reaching impact? Did you hold a “larger” event with many attendees? E.g. prom, charity gala dinner, talent show, concert etc.



Awareness Raised Newspapers, online & other media Newspaper articles covering your activities

Use of Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat

Retweets from celebrities

Radio/TV coverage

Business & Government Emails & letters to MPs, local businesses or larger corporations
School, own and others (Primary) Proof of awareness raised in school e.g. posters, school assemblies, emails to teachers etc.
Local community Did you involve your local community in your events? Posters, flyers in local area
Communication with Mentor Did you regularly communicate with your assigned WOHAA mentor with updates on your fundraising plans? (ideally every 2/3 weeks)
Communication with other parties Proof of correspondence with businesses, venue owners and other external organisations
Marketing & Advertising Did you promote your events and activities effectively? Eye-catching posters, social media campaigns

Did you think about your target audience?

Creativity Creative & Original Ideas Were your fundraising ideas unique or something different? (not another bake sale!)
Snapshot project – Presentation Is your snapshot project neat, easy on the eye and well presented
Snapshot project – Clarity Is it clear? Does it all make sense?

Does your project accurately describe your WOHAA journey from start to finish? Does it tell a story?

Use of contacts & own resources Did you use any contacts you already have to your benefit? Did parents or friends know anyone who might help you with a venue for example?

Did you have any skills you could make use of? E.g. singing/dancing/sporting talent

Entrepreneurial Flair Did you negotiate well?

Did you spot any gaps in the market or fill a certain need?

Did your fundraising make good business sense?

Did you get any good deals?

Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility You are already showing you are social responsible citizens by taking part in WOHAA, but did you encourage others to do the same? Your school? Businesses or other parts of society?

Did any of your events promote social responsibility? Possible examples: recycling, local area clean-ups, awareness raised for another issue outside of education in India & Malawi

Work done in/for the community Did you give back to your community? E.g. work done for other young people or very young children, the elderly (such events do not always need to raise funds)
Understanding of WOHAA message Proof of the ‘empowerment through education’ message

Proof that you value your own education and the importance of education for improving our world

Self-Development Attendance at Speed Mentoring Did you attend Speed Mentoring? What did you learn from it?
Attendance at Other Events Did you engage with WOHAA any other way? E.g. attendance at skills workshops
Physical Skills Did you use your sporting skills in your project or did try to improve these?
Artistic Skills Did you use your artistic skills in your project or did try to improve these?
Culinary Skills Did you use your culinary skills in your project or did try to improve these?

If you have any questions as to what to include in the Snapshots project, get in touch!

All projects should be submitted by 31st March to:

Supreme House

12 Ironbridge Close

Great Central Way

London NW10 0UF