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The Wings of Hope is proud to support The Jacaranda Primary and Secondary School for Orphans, based in Limbe, Malawi.

At this school, 400 orphan students are provided with :

  • Entirely Free Primary and Secondary education
  • Tertiary education scholarships to their high school graduates
  • Uniforms and school supplies
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Daily Nutrition
  • Medical care and children counselling
  • AIDS awareness programmes
  • Arts programmes
  • Agricultural activities
  • Home support ( renovation of students’ houses and monthly financial
    support to the most impoverished children)


To date, they have sent 25 students to college. Currently they have one student at the University of Malawi, another at Malawi College of Accountancy and several at Soche Technical College.

Several of their former students are working in organisations such as FMB Bank and Skyband.

One student is a Chef at Cape MC Lodge Hotel at Lake Malawi.