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London Business School Mentors

WOHAA has partnered with London Business School MBA students to mentor WOHAA teams of 2016/2017.
London Business School is one of the top business schools in the world. Our mentors have come from all over the world, from Germany, Singapore, India, the USA, Uruguay, Spain, Australia, the UAE, Italy, Austria, Tanzania, Brazil, France, and Hong Kong. Their backgrounds range from media publishing, finance, law, technology, sport, politics, design and science. They have kindly volunteered their time to mentor our WOHAA teams throughout the process. Read more about their profiles here:



Akriti Dokania

Indian, Studied Computer Science Engineering from University of Michigan.
Worked for 4 years as a Product Manager at Microsoft on new designing and envisioning the browser on Windows 10. After that,  I started my entrepreneurial venture in financial technology, easing out online payments for the Indian seller. Right after that I decided to come to London Business School to add a business angle to my engineering background. Moving forward, I want to start my own entrepreneurial venture to continue innovating in the technology field.
If not drowned in school work these days, I love traveling and trying out new cuisines (sometimes I cook too!)


Alex Barrett

Consulting / Tech

BA in Politics, Philosophy, Economics, Oxford; MBA, London Business School (current)

Worked at Bain & Co. as a Management Consultant for 3 years, in the UK, Ireland, Germany, and India.

Love to spend my free time keeping active and being outdoors, including running and hiking, and am a keen (if not always successful!) cook – I can whip up a mean cashew-cream risotto!


Andrew Serio

After five years of working in consulting in Chicago and London, I decided to go to London Business School with one clear goal in mind – work in the sports business industry. I’ve played football my entire life and am a big Manchester United fan, so combining this passion with my professional career would be a dream come true. I also believe in the power of sport to educate, whether that be youth, people in business, or professional athletes themselves.


Brandon Lew

SB in Materials Engineering from MIT, current student at LBS

I was an infantry officer in the US army for the past four years in the US and Afghanistan. Prior to that, I did risk engineering in Germany and cleantech research in the US. In the future, I plan to impact the development of quality leadership, the policy space between business and government, and emerging technologies.


Cecilia Quiralte

Spanish, studied Law and Business Administration in Madrid

Worked over four years’ experience in investment banking in London, including Financial Institutions Group M&A and Investment Banking Strategy

Before starting the MBA, she spent five months working for Kubuka, an NGO in Zambia, developing their micro-financing program

She is a keen traveler and spent several months backpacking in Southern Africa, Latin America and China and loves dancing flamenco


Charlotte Hermans

I was in born in Belgium, but spent my childhood travelling around the world. Despite initially planning to study medicine at university, I switched tracks and pursued a law degree in The Netherlands, followed by a Masters of Law at the London School of Economics.

After graduating, I knew I didn’t want to be a corporate lawyer, but wasn’t quite sure what I could do instead, so reverted to my passion for healthcare and spent the next five years working in healthcare communications and advocacy.

When not in the classroom at London Business School, I try to spend as much time as possible travelling, eating good food and catching the odd rugby match at Twickenham!


Claudia Yasukawa

Half British and half Japanese, I was born in London and lived in Tokyo before moving to Sydney. I studied Law and International Relations/Development Studies at the Australian National University, then worked as a corporate lawyer specialising in mergers and acquisitions in the Sydney and Houston offices of a global law firm. Prior to commencing an MBA at London Business School, I completed a fellowship at a private wealth management firm in New York. I love travelling and experimenting in the kitchen, a great place for cultural fusion!


Dan Pitsch

I am originally from Germany and have moved around quite a bit but grew up mostly in California, where I attended UC Berkeley for my undergraduate degree and started working in San Francisco. I moved to London two years ago with the aim of exploring Europe a bit more and truly love this city. I have a finance background and spent five years working in Private Equity. I came to London Business School to develop my strategic thinking and meet many of tomorrow’s business leaders. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling (I’ve visited over 30 countries) and playing tennis.

I am a strong believer in empowerment through education and have completed several volunteer projects around this, most recently in Rabat, Morocco


Denise Choo

I grew up in Singapore and worked in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods for 5 years. I did mainly Business Development and got a chance to work in various South East Asia countries. My interest is in the cross-roads between Marketing and Technology. Outside of work, I love dancing and am always ready for a good night of live music and salsa dancing!



Emma Cruxon

I’m originally from the north of the UK, and attended a (very) small grammar school in Shropshire. After finishing school, I studied Maths at Oxford University, before moving to London in 2009. During university I completed a summer internship at Deloitte (a big professional-services firm in London) and I decided to take up a full-time role in their Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory group after graduation. I spent the first 3 years training to be a qualified accountant and, once I qualified in October 2012, I moved to New York, where I worked for 9 months before returning to the UK.

I decided to do an MBA at London Business School because I realised I wasn’t happy in the job I was doing, and I wanted the chance to follow a new career, though I’m still deciding what that is!


Eric Chang

I grew up in Taiwan and moved to the US when I was 10 years old and decided to attend university in NYC. After a few more years of working in consulting in NYC and Asia, I decided to come to LBS to explore Europe. My interests are basketball and rock-climbing.


Eraldo Cavalli

Consulting / Tech / Finance

MSc Finance, Bocconi University – London Business School

Worked three years for BCG in Italy. Before that I was in e-commerce in South East Asia and in Banking in the US. I believe:

– in the intersection of technology and doing good

– in the positive correlation of dark chocolate and smiling

Twitter: @eraldtribune


Elisabeth Kohlbach

Austrian lawyer and food blogger turned e-commerce manager. After balancing budgets, projects, techies and fashionistas at a lifestyle search engine in Germany I’ve come to London to learn how to run a business, improve my golf game, taste great wines and explore new career opportunities, eventually perhaps start my own venture.



Fredy Afif

I grew up in Abu Dhabi, but decided to pursue my university education in Canada. I studied Chemical Engineering, and obtained a Master’s degree in the US. After graduation, I was fortunate enough to be hired by consumer products company Procter & Gamble in Germany. I worked in Research & Development, focusing on the development of packaging for the hair care brand Pantene. I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration at the London Business School.


Gautam Siddharth

Finance/ Technology

MSc Management, ESCP Europe – MBA student, London Business School

Worked five years in investment banking in India across technology, real estate and infrastructure. Beyond that, worked on two start-ups in fin-tech and online services space. I believe

  • Impact to be core to how I think and act in life
  • Brevity


Ilina Dutt

Finance/ Technology

Graduated from Claremont McKenna College in California with an Honors degree in Economics and Government.

Have been interested in investing since I was a kid and my first job was investing in stocks for a large fund in San Francisco.

Eventually moved on to a job where I invest in all different types of assets – stocks, bonds, real estate, art, and private companies.

I really love working with kids and last year lead a fundraiser that paid for a computer lab in a rural girls school outside of Calcutta, India.   This year we’re fundraising to create an adult education center for the school children’s mothers.  I can’t wait to see what else we can do for the Gangrampur community!

James Evans

Energy – Oil and Gas

M.Eng Aeronautical Engineering, Imperial College London

Worked for 4 years at Royal Dutch Shell, most recently as a refined products Trader in Rotterdam, and with previous experience in Finance in London and Beijing, China. Prior to that worked at Accenture in consulting for 2 years.


Jamshed Patel

Before coming to London Business School, I was a Television Presenter and Producer for an Indian car show called ‘Overdrive’ which played on CNBC-TV18 channel. In broader terms, I was an automotive journalist affiliated with the Guild of Motoring Writers, UK who also wrote for multiple publications and websites around the world. I am a Mechanical Engineer who began his career as a test-driver and technical correspondent for a magazine. Besides, I have many, many interests. I play the guitar, a few sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball and Volleyball, I love to cook and I enjoy a bit of photography now and then.


Janine Lee

I’m from sunny Australia and have spent most of my life in Sydney.  Although I started my uni degree in Medicine at the University of New South Wales, I ended up graduating with a double bachelors in Law and Commerce.  I’ve spent the past 5 years travelling around Australia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia as a management consultant, most recently for Bain & Company, and live for those sneaky work trips to Thailand, Bali, Miami and New York to name a few.  During my weekends back home, you can usually find me at my local beach.

As cheesy as it sounds, my career advice is to follow your gut and that parents don’t always know best!


Kunal Hindocha

Asset Management

Prior to joining London Business School, I helped invest Boston University’s $1.5 Billion and Brown University’s $3 Billion endowments. I graduated from Tufts University in 2010 with a degree in Mathematics and Quantitative Economics.

My passions include businesses and economic growth in Africa and FIFA on the PlayStation.


Laure Kroely


Legal / Tech / Consumer Goods

LLB Law, King’s College London & the Sorbonne – London Business School

Worked for 4 years for Philips in France advising the healthcare and consumer goods department on egal issues. I then joined a local French firm to advise on startups, real estate and financial investments.

I’m also passionate about tech and baking French chocolate cakes.


Ludovic Barre

After graduating in industrial engineering from both Ecole Centrale de Nantes in France and Escola Politécnica da USP in Brazil, I started working in an IT company specialized in the travel industry. While there, I was able to work with fresh graduate from all over the world and to apply a lot of critical thinking I had acquired during my studies. Eager to start a new challenge, I then decided to go back to Brazil to help an airline grow and become more profitable. After these few years working, it is now time for me to explore new opportunities during my MBA at London Business School, and to practice cycling more intensely!


Maëlle Cherubin

After getting my Master in Management, I worked in management consulting with finance directions, then project management in retail, then category management in e-commerce. Throughout my life, I lived in Paris, Bangkok and Shanghai – I am presently discovering the great city of London! I am a versatile person who loves what variety adds up to experiences. Whatever the industry or the issue encountered, I am driven to work at the closest to the core business of the company and its operations. Now pursuing an MBA at London Business School, I look forward to working with a diversity of people from all ages, nationalities and background.


Martina Machado

I grew up between Uruguay and Brazil and have been living in London for the last five years. I studied Economics and Finance and worked at HSBC doing Corporate Banking and Asset Management. I am currently studying for an MBA at London Business School to transition into consumer/luxury goods. I have always enjoyed volunteering, especially when I went to Cambodia to teach kids English. I am a passionate skier, salsa dancer and tennis player




Matteo Scatola

After being born and raised in Italy, I attended university in the UK, reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics in Durham and Economics in London (UCL).

I then worked in consulting (BCG) in Milan for a couple of years before coming back to London for my MBA.

I firmly believe in the power of education and am passionate about empowering young talents.


Mike Gammell

I am originally from Edinburgh and studied History at the University of Bristol before moving to London in 2012. I worked for two different financial services firms before starting my MBA at London Business School in August 2016. After LBS I hope to join a start up or indeed launch my own venture. I love working in teams and having spent far too much time getting hurt on rugby pitches all over the world, I believe passionately in the positive impact that sport can have. I have three younger brothers and take great enjoyment in watching them become better than me…at everything. I enjoy trying something different and relish the opportunity to experience new challenges.


Olivia Schmid

As someone who was raised in Switzerland, educated in New York and spent their summers in Tel Aviv, it is often hard to say where I am from! The range of international experiences have shaped me and allowed me to value diversity and experience it first hand. I received a bachelors in economics from Columbia University in 2010 and then a J.D. from Columbia Law School in 2013. I worked as a corporate lawyer on Wall Street before making my way back to Europe where I am exploring my passion for business and technology whilst attending business school


Patrick Walsom

After finishing my legal studies, I worked in London and Singapore as a corporate lawyer. I also spent time at the French investment bank, Société Générale, to see things from a client’s perspective. Now, I am in the first year of an MBA at London Business School and looking forward to the next chapter.

I believe in learning and developing by pushing yourself to the edge of your comfort zone and opening yourself up to new experiences – and what better way to do this than by participating in WOHAA!


Romàn Oyarzun

Investment Banking / Renewable Energy

BA in Business and Finance, CUNEF University (Madrid) – London Business School MBA. A little about me:

Worked over 3 years in New York as an investment banker at Citibank, covering clients in Latin America. I have had projects in Mexico, Colombia, Trinidad & Tobago and Nicaragua

Lived in 9 different countries before the age of 18 and went to 7 different schools

Big believer that developing cheap clean energy sources should be a focus for us millennials!



Rituparna Chakrabarti

I moved from US to India when I was three years old and have most of my waking memories from India. I grew up with very little inclination to pursue academics, even though I come from a family of scientists and academicians. I did study Physics, only to realize I wanted to start working with a corporate to learn more about business and gain practical knowledge. I worked at Bain and Company, looking at companies across Technology, Healthcare, Private Equity and Consumer Products. I am returning to Bain post my MBA at LBS and my long term plans include becoming a social entrepreneur. I am passionate about music, travel and social work.


Samantha Kempe

I grew up just outside of London and studied Design as my undergraduate degree, at a UK sports university called Loughborough. After uni, I moved back to London and started working in Real Estate. I’ve worked for various companies within the Real Estate industry for the past 10 years, doing everything from the financial banking side, to developments of hotels, offices, shops etc. I’m now doing my MBA at London Business School with the intention of setting up my own luxury Real Estate company.


Shubhra Sharma

I grew up in India and studied Finance at BITS, Pilani. Post undergrad, I worked at J.P. Morgan (Mumbai and New York) in the investment banking division covering consumer, retail and healthcare sectors. Apart from work, I am a big foodie and love traveling.


Smruti Sriram

I helped found WOHAA in 2004. It is wonderful to see over 30,000 students from over 400 schools take part over the past 12 years. I also help run a business, Supreme Creations, which manufactures sustainable packaging for brands like Topshop, Nike and Google. I am passionate about empowering young people, and encourage you to be as original as possible in your WOHAA projects.


Stefanie Zipf

A passion for art oddly led me to receive a degree in Information Technology Management from the University of Notre Dame. While studying for my degree, I spent a semester in Washington D.C., realizing quickly that public policy was another passion of mine. After graduation, I moved back to the U.S. capital and began working for Booz Allen Hamilton, providing technology consulting to United States federal defense and security clients. In my free time, I enjoy providing pro bono consulting services to social enterprises with a particular focus on education and playing ultimate frisbee


Sushant Marathe

I am a first year MBA student at London Business School. I am originally from Mumbai, India, and prior to LBS, I was a professional cricket player back home. Some of the teams I have represented during my cricket career are Mumbai Indians, the senior Mumbai Ranji Trophy side and India under-19. I also have a Masters degree in Commerce from University of Mumbai.


Venus Tsang

Media / Publishing


I grew up between Hong Kong and New York, and completed my undergrad degree in journalism and French at NYU. I was working as a content producer and editor in travel publishing before enrolling at London Business School, and hope to go back into the tech and media space upon graduation.



Whitney Vellequette

Hi there! I’m currently pursuing my MBA at LBS, but was a consultant in the high-tech space in a previous life. I graduated from Santa Clara University in 2011 with a degree in French and Francophone Studies and Psychology, and spent a year teaching in France before returning to Silicon Valley for work. Born and bred in California, I love being active, and will find any excuse to play some volleyball or get outside for a hike (preferably near the beach!)