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Corporate Testimonial – Edelman

‘I chose to support WOHAA because I loved the entrepreneurial and educational aspect of the awards. The structure of the awards encourages the entrants to call upon a raft of skills including brainstorming creative initiatives, fundraising and encouraging participation from consumers, peers and support via media. The teams really bond and learn a great deal about planning events, supporting each other and working through issues. The fact that there is a tangible deliverable at the end of this process, beyond these learnings, makes the awards even more terrific. Awareness is raised and funds are nailed for this wonderful educational resource for kids in India and Africa.

I have been lucky enough to see this at first hand as a panellist for the Awards. Seeing the sheer effort and enthusiasm from such a wide spectrum of schools and pupils has been heartening. I also ran a PR workshop for some of the pupils and their desire to learn and to be commercially and marketing aware as part of this process was extremely motivating – even more so when I saw them take their key learning’s from the workshop and implement them in their award submissions’.

Jackie Cooper
Creative Director & Vice Chair