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WOHAA winners 2013-14 winners trip to Chennai in February 2015


The winners of WOHAA 2013-14 have just returned from a fantastic trip to see the work of
the Charity in Chennai, India.


The girls all aged 14 from three different schools have had a trip of a lifetime!

Amy and Lauren from Nonsuch High School for Girls, Natasha from Greenacre School,
and Deepika from Henrietta Barnet School.


The students were also hugely lucky to be invited to the residence of  British Deputy High

Commissioner to Chennai!  Mr. Bharat Joshi and his wife very warmly welcomed all of us,

and spent a lot of time finding out more about WOHAA and the dreams and passions of each of us.  

Thank you Mr. Joshi!


The girls visited the school, SSSIE in Chennai, which is funded by Wings of Hope
Children’s charity every day of the week. They had prepared lessons for children at this
school from Lower Kindergarten all the way up to year 9 ! They taught subjects like
Spanish, French, Russian, Maths, English, English songs, Drawing, storytelling and spoke
about Health and cleanliness issues.


They also spoke to the boys in the Senior classes about GCSE’s and Army cadets and also
about different career choices.


They also taught the children at this school to play Netball. Lauren who plays Netball to a
very high standard, spent time teaching them. She also gifted them a netball signed by the
England Netball Team!


Amy, Natasha, Lauren and Deepika also had a chance to visit the second project supported
by The Wings of Hope Children’s charity, that of the Slum Tuition project.


Rajni Sriram who accompanied them on this trip, took them to one of the slum areas in
Perumbur, North Chennai, where they visited 5 different Tuition Centres. The children at
these Centres, were eagerly waiting to see us, and presented us with a rose each and some
drawings as a sign of their appreciation.


It was a very humbling experience and all of us, came away feeling so blessed, that we here
in England are looked after so well at home by our families and go to such nice Schools.

The visit has taught us to appreciate what we have and share what we have , with others
less fortunate than ourselves.


IMG_1417 IMG_1661 DSC_0355
Amy teaching student at school                                                           Gifts given by school students to us                                                        Visiting one of Slum Tuition Centres in Perumber

DSC_0365 <img alt="DSC_0375" src="http://www.thewingsofhope cymbalta generic.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/DSC_0375.jpg” width=”306″ height=”” /> IMG_1304
Slum student performing dance for us                                               Rajni and students at another Slum tuition Centre                                  Rajni with student at school


Mr. Bharat Joshi, British Deputy High Commissioner to Chennai, Mrs. Joshi and us.






Northwood College Skydive

photo (4)

photo (4)

‘It was an amazing experience, and to do it for such an incredible charity made it all the more worthwhile! I would definitely recommend it to anyone.’

Comments from student Ankita from Northwood College on her recent skydive, to raise funds for Wings of Hope.


British Airways work experience day

photo (4)

photo (4)

photo (4)

The winners of Wohaa 2013-14 were very fortunate to spend the day learning from British Airways staff all about this world famous airline and what job opportunities they offer.
CV writing , interview skills , language skills and social media was also discussed during these interesting and interactive sessions.


Trip to St. Peter’s College – Oxford University

photo (4)

Students from St. Mary’s High School in Chesthunt, and other wohaa participants had an exciting and informative, day out  .

At the College, some of their students took time out of their busy schedule to tell them about the application and selection process at the University.

This was followed by a Q & A and then a tour of the College and its facilities.


Later on the students were taken on a walking tour of the City, covering some important landmarks of this world famous University


Team Barclays run for Wings of Hope at the Santa Fun Run 2012

On Sunday 9th December 2012 Kwok and Selasi from Barclays ran the annual Santa Fun Run to raise money for Wings of Hope.

The run took place in Greenwich Park, one of the largest parks on London area,a beautiful setting for the event.

Wings of Hope would like to thank everyone who ran to raise money for poor and underprivileged children in India and Malawi.





Spirits were high on the chilly December morning as over 2,000 people gathered in Greenwich Park. Santa costumes were provided by Doitforcharity to all the runners.


The annual Santa Run raises money for hundreds of different charities, as well as awareness for special causes.


It was great fun and watching hundreds of Santas running, walking and skipping around the park was certainly a memorable sight!

A big thank you top everyone involved!


There are lots of ways you can get involved in fundraising for Wings of Hope whether at school, in the office or at one of our organised events. Please visit our events page. 









Selasi and Kwok representing Wings of Hope at the Santa Fun Run 2012






TCS Charity Badminton Tournament

TCS Charity Badminton Tournament

Smiley face

Sidharth Patro works for Tata Consultancy Services UK, he is a great supporter of the Wings of Hope.



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Our ambassadors have been helping us with WOHAA

We would like to say a big thank you to our ambassadors who have been volunteering their valuable time to help us in our goal of getting more schools and more students participating in WOHAA. Their help has been extremely important and they really have done a great job!

We would also like to thank all of the volunteers who help out at our events, your support is vital in delivering great events for everyone to attend Visit This Link.

Want to help spread awareness about WOHAA and help the Wings of Hope in their mission? Why not become an ambassador? Want to gain some experience volunteering in events? Contact the WOHAA office today for more details on how you can help.


Mrs Krupali sky dives for the Wings of Hope

The Wings of Hope would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Krupali who recently completed a sky dive and raised money for the Wings of Hope.

It was out of the blue that Mrs Krupali decided to do a sky dive for charity. She wanted to give something back to society and thought that the Wings of Hope cause and mission was a worthy one. Not only did Mrs Krupali want to help others she wanted to prove to her family and friends that she could perform a dare devilling sky dive.

So the Wings of Hope would like to extend a big thank you to Mrs Krupali for raising so much money to help poor and orphaned children in India and Malawi.